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Davidson is a certified professional trainer, business coach and management consultant.

Driven by passion, he is an engaging and versatile presenter with over 20 years of experience in the training industry. Over the course of his career, he has trained over 1,000 companies comprising start-ups, SMEs, MNCs, government agencies and others all over Southeast Asia.

Below are Articles and posts I have written over the years and published on Various media.

Are Millennials Changing The Rules on Job Hopping?

One of the red flags that pop up when I scan a resume is noticing that the candidate has had short stints in various companies. As an employer this makes me think twice about hiring the candidate even if he or she has stellar credentials and an engaging personality. Hiring and training someone is a high investment in time and resources – a process that I would not want to repeat frequently.

Various types of research have shown that the typical Gen Y will have a dozen or more jobs by the time they hit their 30s. Some employers are beginning to accept the fact that for GenYs, their 20s is where they are exploring and “finding” themselves. But for other employers, wondering how long would an employee stay before they jump ship weighs heavily on their mind when they are looking at a resume that spells out serial job-hopper.

Maybe it is time, that as employers and leaders of an organization, we look at things differently as perceptions and attitudes are changing whether we like it or not.

Instead of wondering how long a potential employee would stay in your organization, why not look at how much you can achieve together with that person?

The way to a millennial’s heart is to make them feel that they are contributing to a bigger picture that has some impact on people and the planet. Empower them with connections and technology, and allow them to expand and explore within the context that you set. It builds a bond and they are less likely to jump ship too quickly.

Perception is projection so maybe if we change our perception, the outcome from a red-flagged candidate could be different than what we previously assumed.

– Davidson

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