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Organizational Culture Evolution Assessment and Benchmarking


A DCI study on organizational culture including 70 companies/divisions of similar sizes with 600 to 800 people across industries was conducted to identify the effectiveness of manpower based on 17 parameters that determine good or bad culture.

The Organizational Culture assessment identifies the specific “Culture Evolution Levels” your organisation is at and helps you navigate your culture’s evolution.

Bench-marking Organisational Culture is required to evolve the current company culture to higher levels of efficiency, engagement, and proactive action towards organizational objectives. Get insights to areas that you are more evolved in and define organisational culture directions by measuring what is working and what is not.

It also measures your current company culture and provides insights to plan improvements to the organisational culture you want to achieve. All evaluations are confidential and the more honest you are in answering the questions, the better the effect of making the necessary changes to improve the organisational culture and fulfilment in the organisation.

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Customised Training

There are times that companies require customised training programs specific to their company or a specific department within the company. In these cases, I provide consultation and analysis of the company’s needs in order to provide a tailor-made program that will address and resolve the company’s particular needs.

These programs can be done in the form of workshops or team building events. Team building events are now becoming an essential part of employee development. Team building activities go a long way to achieving better workplace relationships that positively impact on company processes and goals.

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