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Dear Davidson

Davidson is a certified professional trainer, business coach and management consultant.

Driven by passion, he is an engaging and versatile presenter with over 20 years of experience in the training industry. Over the course of his career, he has trained over 1,000 companies comprising start-ups, SMEs, MNCs, government agencies and others all over Southeast Asia.

Here is your change to ask him a Question or read some of the advice given to others.

How do I deal with a Burnout?

Dear Davidson,

I currently have a full-time job with a comfortable salary.

I also have a side business where I get to put my hobby into good use.

I’ve been thinking about leaving my job to pursue my side business full-time as this is where my passion lies.

However, I rely solely on my current income to financially support my business.

Should I risk it all and leave my job to pursue my passion? Or should I try to find ways to juggle and manage both?

– Mr Indecisive

Dear Mr Indecisive,

The question you need to ask yourself first is: Do you like your current job?

If the answer is yes, then you probably shouldn’t quit your job as yet (especially since you are earning a comfortable salary and it is financially supporting your business) to pursue your passion full-time. 

What you can do is try to build your business on the side while working full-time at your present job.

Once you have saved enough, you will know when the time is right to quit and pursue your passion full time.

By doing this, at least you will be financially prepared to take the plunge before you can make your passion profitable. So quit when you are ready.

Consider also the risks that you will be putting yourself into (and those that are dependable on you).

If you leave your job now and your business does not thrive, you will have everything to lose. What’s your contingency plan?

While one should always pursue their dreams, taking calculated risks is key. Work long enough and save enough to get you by for at least one year with employment.

So if your business does not succeed (for whatever reason), you will have something to fall back on.

If you think you can just quit your job and “wing it” and hope to see considerable results, you’re wrong.

Sometimes the temptation is there to “just do it” – but remember that to succeed you will need a plan to get there and it needs to be an extremely clear plan of action.

I understand that juggling between the two can also be very exasperating and may cause burnout. But that is the cost of pursuing your passion.

My suggestion is to juggle your current job and your business until which time you are prepared to make that switch. Good luck!

– Davidson

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