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Davidson is a certified professional trainer, business coach and management consultant.

Driven by passion, he is an engaging and versatile presenter with over 20 years of experience in the training industry. Over the course of his career, he has trained over 1,000 companies comprising start-ups, SMEs, MNCs, government agencies and others all over Southeast Asia.

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Timeliness is a virtue that I hold great respect for. I hate being late for appointments and always make sure that I am where I said I would be at the time that was agreed upon.

Sadly it is also my greatest pet peeve socially as well as in business because a lot of people seem to have their watches set to Malaysian time. No, not +8GMT but rather the kind of “time zones” that start with “I am on the way” and “Yes, yes, I will be there in a few minutes” that if you actually timed them from the minute they told you that, to the moment they arrive – you probably could have finished reading “Crime and Punishment” in English AND Russian while waiting for them because really, the snarling Malaysian traffic jam just didn’t let them move!

Jokes aside, timeliness in every aspect of the word – from punctuality to meeting deadlines and keeping to your word isn’t taken very seriously. Very often, I arrive at meetings at the set time only to be left waiting sometimes up to more than an hour later. The domino effect kicks in, affecting other meetings and the work schedule of the day.

There are also times, when I request for information that needs to be submitted to a client within a certain time frame and the other person conveniently forgets or delays things citing “being busy”.

At the end of the day, what makes you a professional is how you treat others and not the string of alphabets after your name or the number of degrees that you have.

When you are on time and keep to your word, the message that you are sending out is “I respect you and I appreciate the effort that you have made to carve out this time for me”.

If you are striving to be a better leader, manager or professional in your given field, the best place to start is to ask yourself if you can improve on your timeliness. It opens the gateway to a whole new level of respect and perception of your character and caliber if you do.

Hopefully “Malaysian time” sees a time out soon.

It seriously isn’t funny anymore.

– Davidson

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