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Virtual Learncaster Certification
Whether you are teaching a school class, a university lesson or a corporate course, you need a variety of tools, teaching methods and techniques to get you started. Everything you need is right here in this VLC.
Maybe you’ve come to realise that the world is changing. The recent events surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic have shaken the globe. Business’ are transforming from traditionally offline operating methods to online! NOW is the time to be an online facilitator
Like many of you, I was also there. I perfectly understand what it feels like to be put in a spot where I was unsure of what to do in order to start teaching online – what tools do I use? How do I create engagement effectively? Can I just convert my face to face training online?
Learning Objectives
Here’s how the  Virtual LearnCaster Certification Course Works,
Over the 6  classes you will learn:
  • The Tools – to enhance your virtual class
  • The Teaching – how to engage your learners
  • The Techniques – creating the ‘Learning Path’
What you will get
  • 6 in depth classes with an assignment at the end of each
  • 365 Days access to all class recordings
  • 1 year group coaching, including access to the VLC community

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During the recent lockdown, I saw how a lot of people struggled to effectively engage with their clients, students, and colleagues virtually. I was in the same boat.

Which is why I decided to spend some time getting certified in virtual teaching and facilitation. I liked this course so much that I am now certified to teach it, and I want you to have the opportunity to experience the same thing I did. I am more confident in delivering my programs and courses online now.

My participants are more engaged, courtesy of the variety of tools and teaching methods that we use. God forbid there’s a second wave of COVID19 and this time you want to be prepared to make the required transition. 

Customised Training

There are times that companies require customised training programs specific to their company or a specific department within the company. In these cases, I provide consultation and analysis of the company’s needs in order to provide a tailor-made program that will address and resolve the company’s particular needs.

These programs can be done in the form of workshops or team building events. Team building events are now becoming an essential part of employee development. Team building activities go a long way to achieving better workplace relationships that positively impact on company processes and goals.

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