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Davidson is a certified professional trainer, business coach and management consultant.

Driven by passion, he is an engaging and versatile presenter with over 20 years of experience in the training industry. Over the course of his career, he has trained over 1,000 companies comprising start-ups, SMEs, MNCs, government agencies and others all over Southeast Asia.

Below are Articles and posts I have written over the years and published on Various media.

Why E-Learning Is The Way Forward

I walked in on my daughters while they were in their online class during the MCO (lockdown) and guess what they were doing? Eating their breakfast in their pajamas, with no video or audio, while the teacher was teaching away. To their credit though, they did look like they were engrossed in the virtual lesson.

As a parent, the apparent comfort and ease that my daughters showed whilst pursuing their learning made me realize that, despite the mixed feelings I initially had about the benefits of e-learning, maybe e-learning is the way forward in education.

E-learning, in its broadest sense, is the use of networked information technologies in education. E-learning is also called web-based learning, online learning, or Internet-based learning.

In the abstract of his book, Learning with ‘e’s: Educational Theory and Practice in the Digital Age, Steve Wheeler wrote this, “In an age where young people seem to have a natural affinity with smartphones, computer games and social media, teachers and lecturers face a big challenge or a golden opportunity. How can new technology promote learning, engage students, and motivate them to sustain a lifelong career in learning? For educators everywhere, our challenge is to take devices that have the potential for great distraction and boldly appropriate them as tools that can inspire and engage”.

What he is saying is that as educators, the way we take e-learning forward lies in our belief about it, the desire we have to take learning to the next level, and the courage we have to take risks in the name of education. Underpinning all these is the concept of innovation – a quality and skill that has now become a necessary element for organisational survival.

There are many reasons why e-learning should be embraced as the way forward:

  1. Learners can learn at their own pace

We know that everyone learns at their own pace, and sometimes the traditional classroom makes it difficult to do so. Using technology enables learners to adjust to their own pace of learning. Learners who need extra time can spend more time going over exercises until they understand, whilst the ones who need less support can continue ahead. This helps free up the educator to help learners who need more support on an individual level.


  1. More resources

Educators are no longer limited to the textbooks provided by their institutions. Incorporating other resources such as video, audio, and interactive learning, learners have many different ways to learn, which will best support their learning styles. This also allows educators to find creative ways to teach their students engagingly. Technology has changed the learning environment in such a way that learning is more hands-on.


  1. Technology can help with better engagement.

Learners often struggle to stay on task or interested, particularly if it is not interactive. The use of technology can make even the most mundane task more engaging, which will help learners to stay focused.


Innovative and engaging e-learning courses can easily outperform the analogue, face-to-face teaching models we have relied on for centuries. However, it is progressing, improving, and becoming more refined over time, meaning educators now need to know exactly what they are doing to be successful in the field. 

The good news is there are many courses available for educators to upskill in this arena. To get an insight into the kind of skills needed in a virtual setting, sign up for my free webinar, for more details, click HERE

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