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Hi! I’m Dave. If you are here, it means you are looking for someone to change the way you work or the way your employees work. And I am here to help you achieve those goals.

I am a certified professional trainer, business coach and management consultant. I am also a certified Organizational Culture Consultant accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology (AIOBP). What this means is I use understanding of the mind to cultivate a change in the way people work

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This is a high-impact virtual course that prepares professionals to conduct their meetings, events or classes online.

It is conducted fully online and all participants will be assessed by their ability to run a session independently, utilizing all the tools and techniques that will be thought to them. Individual assessment will be given for future improvement.

Target Audience:

Entrepreneurs, Educators (Lectures, trainers, coaches, facilitators, teachers}, Consultants, Managers & Remote Team Leaders

Course Objectives:

  • Manage your online presence (environment, sound, video, voice, posture, ect.)
  • Familiarize yourself with the features available in ZOOM to optimize your sessions
  • Create engaging, interactive, and fun sessions (meeting, events, classes, ect.)
  • Select and Master the necessary online collaborative tools
  • Create online audience interactions via ZOOM’s Functions
  • Create a welcoming environment in the virtual space
  • Organise your meetings and classes
  • Tips, Tricks and shortcuts

Client Solutions

Signature Programs

Signature Programs

Find out more about my special Designed Signature Programs

Bespoke Programs

Bespoke Programs

I provide consultation and analysis of the company’s needs in order to provide a tailor-made program that will address and resolve the company’s particular needs.



For a personal consultation to revamp your company, contact me.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

I am also part of Global Trainers, an alliance comprising of qualified and experienced trainers, facilitators, speakers

8 Vital Skills to Succeed at the Workplace

8 Vital Skills to Succeed at the Workplace was written with the purpose of equipping any level of staff in an organization with the necessary skills that employers are expecting and actively seeking from their employees. It can include entry-level staff right up to senior managers.

This book will also greatly benefit anyone who is currently working, and those who are about to enter the workforce, as the information provided here will give them a head start if it is carefully planned and executed. The right skill set are discussed in the book with the aim to equip readers with the necessary competencies (knowledge, skills and attitude), in order to thrive and succeed in the workplace.

8 Vital Skills to Succeed at the Workplace

Price: $14.95

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